Three ways to Choose Best CellPhone Repair Tool Supplier

Today, most of the global access are offered by smartphones and other mobile based devices. Mobile phones becomes a part of our daily life, the existence of mobile phone repair industry has become more important than ever before. As a professional mobile phone repair technician or mobile phone repair tools distributor, something like common phone opening toolkit, BGA rework station, multimeter,etc, you need purchase from the best supplier to ensure that you have a smooth and long-term business process development. Thus, how to choose the best mobile phone repair tool supplier? What are the factors for you to choose the right one? There are 3 keys as following:

There whays to Choose Best CellPhone Repair Tool Supplier

One-Stop Solution Service for phone Fix

What is called “one-stop service” for a cell phone repair tool supplier? in essence, it is the integration of good products and service. As long as the customer needs, all the problems can be resolved once you entered his service site, there is no need to waste time on looking for the second mobile phone repair tool supplier. For expanding business scale, A supplier with one-stop solution service will do his best to meet the consumer’s requirement so that you will save much of your time and efficiency.

If you are doing long term business in mobile phone repair, you must be appreciated a lot if you can buy as many goods as possible in a shop from a sufficient supplier. The supplier will not only provides product sales, but also provides cell phone repair technical services for you. From the customer’s point of view, however, An one-stop solution service suppliers has made it impossible for other competitors to compete with him.

Long-Term Experience for Phone Fix
For cell phone repair industry, enough experience tends to be a sign of expertise. A good supplier must had accumulated a lot of professional cell phone repair knowledge, you can look for additional services that they can provide, for instance, when you have any problems on repair machine like iPhone NAND programmer, system upgrading, etc. For get better sevice, they have to be like this and have been through in the mobile phone repair business field for a long time.

The experienced suppliers must have good reputation and credibility in the field, they often deal with a wide range of leading brands. This will be able to meet your various mobile devices requirement, so you can compare and search whatever you need and choose the best one with your demand. You may get some information from your friend in the same business or search online at reliable forum, website…

High-Quality Customer Service
What is the best aftersale service for suppliers offering in mobile phone repair tool business? They often offer you good patience, good attitude, good action and good solution. Customer service has become the requirements of all enterprises to maintain or expand market share, so you can see how important it is! When buying from a good supplier, whatever the commodity warranty, after-sales service or other relevant regulations,  you can get rid of doubts and determined to buy goods.

High quality customer service can be regarded as the product of the brand economy, it means a lot no matter for suppliers or purchasers. So choose a supplier with high quality customer service will good for your long term business development. You never want to buy some rubbish and have no way to handle with it, don’t you?

We want you to have a fair mind. Read more on website to choose the right supplier for your better business. Need more cell phone repair resources and maintenance tools please contact Nandrepair

How to Update SKP1000 Key Programmer Firmware ?

SKP1000 auto key programmer Replacement Lonsdor CI600 Plus (Chinese version), mainly programs kinds of key on a wide range of car brands from all of the world, as well as SKP1000 performs pin code calculation, mileage adjustment, EPB+ Oil serrvice Reset and many other special functions etc

guide you how to update its firmware as below

Before update firmware, please take out the TF card and insert it into the card reader, then plug into the computer USB port. Double click “My Computer”, find out ” local Disk (H:), right click to choose “Format”.

Tip: Tick on the “Quick format” and click “Start.

After complete format, go to the official site to download the update file, then copy and paste the file into the TF card, after finish, plug the TF card into the machine, power on the machine to the main interface.

Click on “Firmware update”.

Firstly choose “System firmware update”, press “Yes”, the procedure shown as below:

Update successfully shown as below.

Press “No” to back.

Choose ” Adapter firmware update”, after finish, reboot the machine to go on use SKP1000.


the firmware update is very easy,if any question or problem,please feel free to contact Nandrepair.

How to update the handy baby to the latest version v8.2.0?

Handy Baby Car Key Copy has updated to V8.2.0, If your Handy baby key programmer was still old version, you’d better to update JMD Handy Baby in order to get more and more functions.

How to update the handy baby to the latest version v8.2.0 from Nandrepair ?

JMD Handy Baby Key Programmer Handy Baby CBAY For 4D/46/48 Chip

Language: English, Chinese, Spanish Version, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish

This Device can’t work together with CN2 Chip or CN1 Copy 4C Chip, you need use the particular 4D chips, such as this ID46 Chip

Update Free Online on Offcial Website

Latest Version : V8.2.1

V 8.2.1 Handy Baby Update date: 2017-05

Which is the best Soldering Rework Station for Mobilephone Repair?

which is the Best Soldering Rework Station for Mobilephone Repair? for smartphone PCB repairing, There need top quality and easy to use Soldering Rework Station, such as you must be careful not to overheat the board, There are many soldering Station available from china market. Which is the best one and cheaper price? here Nandrepair give you some suggestions as follows:


The four main factors to consider when choosing a Mobile Phone Repairing soldering iron are:

1) wattage
2) type of the soldering iron
3)temperature control
4) tip size and shape

As you know, Professional mobile cell phone repairing service centers and professional individuals need a good quality soldering iron or soldering station for proper mobile phone repairing. There are several manufacturers of soldering irons and soldering stations model.

Which is the Best Soldering Iron and Soldering Station for Phone Repair

1:  QUICK Brand Soldering Station are widely known all around the world, and good quality / cheaper price.

QUICK 957DW,  QUICK 861DW Hot Air Rework station 1000W

2:  ATTEN Brand Soldering Station are tried and tested by engineers, quality is top all the time.

ATTEN 8502D, ATTEN AT852D Hot Air Gun Rework station

Batman V4.1 Iphone 4-7P Battery Tester Upgrade New Function:

Battery tester V4.1 with Apple original data line detection + battery clear instrument + charge cycle clear + battery capacity test + battery charge and discharge function test. Iphone Battery clear instrument support all series of Apple battery charge and discharge test and is equipped with a test curve, can test the starting power, battery type, maximum capacity, current capacity, battery temperature, voltage, current monitoring, test battery resistance, Mode setting (can be fast, slow test), can increase, reduce the current. (With a fan, cooling holes to reduce temperature).

Battery tester V4.1 version after the upgrade function:

1  the tester added no need to remove the battery clear, activate the test board: with a gift line to connect the tester’s side interface, more convenient to test;

2  the new battery test board to use the separate function: If the battery test board with the location of the V8 test line, the battery can be a separate activation board;

3  in order to be more in line with the principles of human body, so that the test keys in the test when the fingers feel more comfortable. A new generation of test instrument using a new one of the touch button;

4 after the external power supply can test the battery is good or bad: If the external power supply test battery when the current value shows that the battery is good, on the contrary, the battery is bad

After the main upgrade to add the function:

1. iphone 5se 7 7plus, ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipadmini full range of detection.

2. Increase the charge and discharge test to support battery testing, support the charge and discharge curve display.

Need electronics Repair Tools? Find A Great Tools Supplier

Nowadays, More and more electronic products appear in people’s lives life. Maintenance of electronic products is also becoming increasingly important things. Thus leading to the birth of the electronics Repair industry. nandrepair Is a real service for the maintenance of the master, to provide professional electronic products repair tools

To maintain your car. You’ll discover how easy it is to change the oil and filter, and how to perform many other basic service procedures. You can start with simple weekly maintenance while you’re waiting for the gas tank to fill up. This simple procedure can save you from being stranded at the side of the road — or in the clutches of Dishonest John’s Auto Shop. And you won’t even have to get your hands dirty. If you’re hesitant to step into the world of auto maintenance, you’re not alone.

Actually, there’s not much that can go wrong with a cell phone — at least not much you can fix. Most cell phones are purchased or leased under contract with a cell service provider  so needed repairs are done by the contractor, not the consumer.  In most cases, cell phone problems are caused by a low battery, a damaged charger, or by mishandling — such as dropping the phone out the window of a car or into a swimming pool. nandrepair provide cell phone repair machine to help the master who repair iphone or other cell phones, Make the repair more easier.

In short, nandrepair is for maintenance services industry, if you need electronic products repair tools, nandrepair is your first choice, professional service and first-class equipment, in order to better maintenance of electronic equipment

V1.1289 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 NAND Flash Programmer UPdate Features

NAVIPLUS PRO3000 the newest version is V1.1289. If your 32bit 64bit NAND Flash Tool is old version, you can update it with new version V1.1288 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Apple NAND Flash programmer.

New V1.1289 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Update Features:

ADD: Support iphone 5S NAND
ADD: iphone 5s underlying data change, and when change the NAND Flash on iphone 5S, fingerprints function is also working well.
bug fixes:


How to use VOLVOXC90 DoIP Diagnosis VBOX-VOLVO XC90?

VOLVOXC90 DoIP Diagnosis tool can support volvo vehicles till year 2015. VBOX-VOLVO can offer customer remote on-line service, including VOLVO whole vehicle, parts manual, technical guide, whole vehicle circuit diagram, repair services.

XC90 Multibus VCI scanner For Volvo VBOX-VOLVO XC90 VCI

How to use VBOX-VOLVO XC90?

1. Connect to hardware, insert the box into OBD interface, connect the box with internet reticle and computer reticle interface, red light sparkling. You can find the OBD interface on the left side down of the seat.

Hardware lights instruction:

LED status Status instruction
Red light sparkling hardware working ok
Green light sparkling data communication status

2. UDVOLVO is a free install application, decompression zip package to local computer folder, run the application…/Volvo/ASAMMCD3/UDVolvo.exe press enter after you find your vehicle IP.

3. Press“Vehicle identification number, read ECU information, read fault number

4. Double press “current fault code number”, enter single ECU
Press“current fault code number or history fault code number”, press the right button on mouse go check for detail information.

5. Check the detail information.

6. Check the fault code number detail information.

7. Check ECU detail information.

8. Enter ECU read fault code number history fault code number, clean up code number, read vehicle identification number and ECU detail information, press current “current fault code number and history fault code number” to clean up the fault code numbers.

Where to get Cat ET 2015A v1.0 With Active File?

CAT Caterpillar ET is Cat communication adapter ii SIS Caterpillar Heavy duty truck diagnostic tools. CAT ET SIS diagnostic with caterpillar et electronic technician software. where to get Cat ET 2015A v1.0 With Active File?

Cat ET 2015A v1.0 With Active File Cat ET 2015A Keygen

New Features of Cat ET 2015A from cablesmall:

1) Dual Data Link Using Third Party Communication Adapters
2) Colors of Graph Lines
3) Product Link Training
4) Programmable Monitoring System

Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic tool Software
Versaion: 2015 v.1.0
Languages: English chinese
Year: 2015

Sincerely hope it can help More Cat et electronic technician!

32 64Bit nand programmer remove id change SN for iPhone Ipad

32bit and 64bit ipad iphone nand flash HDD error repair instrument.  universal apple nand flash 32bit and 64bit programming tool. repair remove icloud change serial number,iPhone 6 plus 5s iPad Air 2 Mini 2 3 4


Programming/Reading and Rewriting Serial Number
Unlocking kinds of Ipads of Wifi model by changing Serial Number,
Expending/Updating momeory of  kinds of pads&iphones to 128G or 64G or 32G

For programming single 32 bit single nand ,phone& pad:

For programming  single 64 bit single nand ,phone& pad:

Nand Brand: Toshiba/Sandisk/Hynix/Samsung