Why should buy MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester?

MST-A360 is compatible with LED display and high quality SIEMENS pump which makes it more endurable. MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester can be used on the vehicle of European and USA. Why should buy MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester?

MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester MST A360 Injector Cleaning Machine

If you use MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester, You can get your fuel injector clean at the mechanic which would cost you more time and money every time. You can save money by owning a fuel injector tester or cleaner.

When your vehicles starts getting lower gas or the engine begins to hesitate when you press the gas pedal, it is properly the time to clean your fuel injectors.

MST-A360 Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner Functions

1. Ultrasonic cleaning , dismantle the carbide of the injector;
2. injector test. stimulate engine runing condition, test injector in different speed range,Check and test injectors’s injection situation:atomization/sprayingangle/spraying mount/spraying uniformity;
3. leakage and block test;
4. Uniquely designed various compound bonder for all kinds of side-inlet injectors;
5. With reverse flush function, to clean inside out, to improve clean efficiency;
6. With a set of adaptors to clean injectors without dismantling it from the engine;

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