Batman V4.1 Iphone 4-7P Battery Tester Upgrade New Function:

Battery tester V4.1 with Apple original data line detection + battery clear instrument + charge cycle clear + battery capacity test + battery charge and discharge function test. Iphone Battery clear instrument support all series of Apple battery charge and discharge test and is equipped with a test curve, can test the starting power, battery type, maximum capacity, current capacity, battery temperature, voltage, current monitoring, test battery resistance, Mode setting (can be fast, slow test), can increase, reduce the current. (With a fan, cooling holes to reduce temperature).

Battery tester V4.1 version after the upgrade function:

1  the tester added no need to remove the battery clear, activate the test board: with a gift line to connect the tester’s side interface, more convenient to test;

2  the new battery test board to use the separate function: If the battery test board with the location of the V8 test line, the battery can be a separate activation board;

3  in order to be more in line with the principles of human body, so that the test keys in the test when the fingers feel more comfortable. A new generation of test instrument using a new one of the touch button;

4 after the external power supply can test the battery is good or bad: If the external power supply test battery when the current value shows that the battery is good, on the contrary, the battery is bad

After the main upgrade to add the function:

1. iphone 5se 7 7plus, ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipadmini full range of detection.

2. Increase the charge and discharge test to support battery testing, support the charge and discharge curve display.

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