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V1.1289 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 NAND Flash Programmer UPdate Features

NAVIPLUS PRO3000 the newest version is V1.1289. If your 32bit 64bit NAND Flash Tool is old version, you can update it with new version V1.1288 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Apple NAND Flash programmer.

New V1.1289 NAVIPLUS PRO3000 Update Features:

ADD: Support iphone 5S NAND
ADD: iphone 5s underlying data change, and when change the NAND Flash on iphone 5S, fingerprints function is also working well.
bug fixes:


32 64Bit nand programmer remove id change SN for iPhone Ipad

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Programming/Reading and Rewriting Serial Number
Unlocking kinds of Ipads of Wifi model by changing Serial Number,
Expending/Updating momeory of  kinds of pads&iphones to 128G or 64G or 32G

For programming single 32 bit single nand ,phone& pad:

For programming  single 64 bit single nand ,phone& pad:

Nand Brand: Toshiba/Sandisk/Hynix/Samsung